Standortagentur Tirol at a glance.

Facts & Figures

Founded in

Type of business
Standortagentur Tirol Ltd.

Funding body
Lebensraum Tirol Holding Ltd.

Annual budget
approx. EUR 7 million (EUR 3 million there of to be used as direct funding for the Tyrolean economy and science)

39,5 full time equivalent

Chief executive officer
Dr. Marcus Hofer

Advisory board
LRin KRin Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf (chairperson)
Mag. Rainer Seyrling (deputy chairperson)
LR Univ.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tilg
Mag. (FH) Markus Dax
Dipl. Ing. Anton Mederle

Company shares
Gründungszentrum Start Up Tirol Ltd. (previously CAST - Center for Academic Spin-offs Tyrol)
Standortagentur Tirol Management Ltd., FN 390468v

Our goal is to strengthen Tyrol’s position as business location by supporting companies to develop, start-up and locate their business in Tyrol, thereby aiming at securing existing jobs and creating new job opportunities. We also market Tyrol as business and science location here and abroad. 

Main principle

  • intensified networking within the Tyrolean economy
  • increased transfer of knowledge and technology
  • consultation and support for Tyrolean companies as well as research institutions to participate in science and technology programs of the province of Tyrol, the federal state Austria and the European Union
  • start and further development of programs in education and continuing training regarding future oriented technologies
  • technology marketing and business location marketing
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